morning head: Tuesday, 26th May, 2015

4:40am. Who’s fucking idea was this?

Don’t answer that.

I’ve been building to this for a while. Nearly 8 months in fact. Apparently this is now the only time I’m not overrun by the mundanities a being a bloody grown up.

They don’t tell you this. It’s all “enjoy every moment, because one day you’ll be a grown up and you’ll have to be responsible.” I don’t recall anyone ever saying “enjoy every moment, because when you’re grown up, the only time you’ll get a minute to yourself is when you’re taking a dump.”

Grown ups are dicks. Like politicians. They conceal the truth until it’s too fucking late to do anything about it.

But here we are. Dawn is but a distant dream. And I am on the verge of blowing the third deadline for the same piece of writing.

At least this little experiment is finally fulfilling its intended purpose: to get the words moving before I attempt to do some real work. It’s helping. Really. Not procrastinating at all…

Morning, delusionists.