morning head: Lemniscate.

Time since last shower: 3 days (and counting).

Time since last moment without fatigue: 219 days (I think. I’m too tired to actually fucking remember).

Time since last crossing the living room floor without stepping on a toy: 81 days (approximately).

Time since last bender: 164 days.

Time until next bender: ∞ (eternity’s a long time, but not as long as the last half hour before the wifey gets home from work).

Time since last day without to-do list: 221 days.

Time since last shit taken in peace: 13 days.

Time since last guilt-free moment of relaxation: ? (Who the fuck knows? Christmas, maybe?)

Time since last day I haven’t smiled, laughed, and nearly fucking choked on the cuteness: 300 days, 11 hours, 7 minutes and 50 seconds