morning head: Familiar.

The boy comes back the day after tomorrow. Rather excited. And rather frustrated. As always. Ten days worth of free time has resulted in about half an hour’s work.

Partly the fault of the ongoing saga of broken motorcycle, but mostly the fault of being unable to concentrate on a single fucking thing for more than five minutes. It’s not procrastination, though there is that; it’s distraction. The barrage of information is getting out of hand. Everyone is vying for our attention, constantly.

We’re becoming so used to having access to everything at our fingertips that we want access to everything, all the time, all at once.

I have six windows open, in three different browsers, and a total of fifty four tabs. I have two pieces of writing open in IA Writer, two Word files, my to-do list app, and Evernote – so I can clip stuff off the web and make notes for more things to do and think about later. And music streaming. And app updates keep bouncing up and down along the bottom of my screen, incessant, screaming at me to do something with them. Give. Me. Your. Attention.

And that’s just the laptop.

I am going through the phone and shutting down notifications on absolutely everything. I am tempted to go entirely offline for a month and re-introduce only those things that life/work was harder without. It would probably be the last social media would ever see of me, and for most of you, I would simply cease to exist. I’m not quite there yet.

This is not the first time I’ve had this inclination. I suspect I will eventually give in to it. But like my disinclination to stop drinking altogether, I am wont to cling very hard to things that don’t really serve me particularly well, but are nice and familiar.